About Us

Uncompromised message with an untainted sound.

After years of comfort in the shadows, founders Robert and Michele Sessom obediently stepped up to the plate. In submission to God, this couple willfully embraces and take their place on His candelabra from which they shine forth His light. It's for this reason RamPsalm has been born. Established in January 2012, RamPsalm has a mandate to release God's entrusted message by way of word and song.

The resonance of RamPsalm's compositions are a melted fusion of multi-diversed genres (Contemporary Christian, Gospel and Jazz) presented with multi-diversed rhythm and melodic tonality.

When the name RamPsalm is mentioned, it is a reminder to Robert & Michele that God has entrusted His message in song to them, song written about Him, song written to Him, and songs written that have their origin and inspiration, only from Him; thus, RamPsalm's name represents "Ram" Robert And Michele and "Psalm" Songs of God, From God,

RamPsalm's compositions is a fusion of genres, melting into a multi-diverse blend of Contemporary Christian, Contemporary Gospel,
Praise & Worship, and Jazz, presented with multi-cultural rhythm & melodic, American, Hispanic, and Caribbean flavor.